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School Fees

Tuition Fee in Sainik School is Rs.1,06,294/- (Rupees One  Lakh Six thousand Two hundred Ninety Four Only) for the year 2024 – 2025 (Kindly note that the fee structure may change from time to time as per the directions of the Board of Governors, Sainik School Society, New Delhi). The full paying students are to pay the school fees as prescribed under.


Yearly Basis Amount
Half Yearly Amount
Rs. 1,06,294/-
(due on 30th June)
Rs. 53,347/-  
(due on 30th June and 30th Nov)

Note : In addition to the above the following fees are required to be paid.

a) Diet Money :

In addition to the above, a sum of Rs.38,350/- is to be paid towards “ Diet Money ” by all the parents.


b) Clothing Fees :

This fees is to be paid @ Rs.1500/- in the first year and Rs.750/- per annum for each of the subsequent years at the beginning of each year.

c) Caution Money :

General candidates are to pay caution money of Rs.3000/- at the time of admission. SC/ST boys are required to pay only Rs.1500/-. The deposit is refundable after deduction of dues, if any, when the student leaves the school.

d) Pocket Money :

Apart from school fees and clothing charges mentioned above, each parent / guardian is required to deposit at the beginning of every academic year a sum of Rs.1500/- towards pocket money and Rs.1500/- towards incidental charges in respect of his ward. Parents/Guardians will also be required to pay additional amounts towards fees / expenses for all India Secondary School, Senior School Certificate and UPSC examinations. Besides the above, if any additional money is required for expenses not anticipated and catered for, it shall be paid by the parents. Amounts remaining unspent out of the pocket money and other specific charges will be carried forward in the boy's account as credit balance for the following year. The parents are to remit balance amount as soon as possible.


e) Miscellaneous :

This fee is to be paid at Rs 4,200/-in the first year per annum and for the subsequent years at the beginning of each year.

f) Additional Facilities :

This fee is to be paid for Amaravian Student's Store at Rs.12,000/-, Amudham at Rs.3,000/-, Laundry at Rs.6,500/- and Stationery Stores at Rs.6,000/-.

g) Scholarship details:


Defence Scholarship

Tamilnadu State Govt Scholarship


Sch Status

Sch Amount

Parents’ Annual Income

Sch Status

Sch Percentage

JCO & Above


Rs. 16000

Up to Rs.3,00,000/-


100% Tuition Fee

Below JCO


Rs. 32000

Rs.3,00,001/- to Rs.5,00,000/-


75% Tuition Fee




Rs.5,0,0001/- to Rs.7,50,000/-


50% Tuition Fee




Rs.7,50,001/- to Rs.10,00,000/-


25% Tuition Fee




More than Rs.10,00,000/-


Nil ( No Scholarship)





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