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The Parents are requested to adhere the following Do’s and Don’ts
Visit the School on Visitor’s Day and meet the Class Teacher to discuss academic performance. Don’t argue with the Staff including the Hostel Superintendents and Security Guards
Monitor the academic progress of your son / ward and sign in the Report Card held with the Class Teacher after every FA/SA/TERM Don’t apply leave on non – genuine grounds.
Ask permission through letter(FAX) /over the phone before visiting the School on unscheduled days. Don’t courier / Send eatables electronic items, medicines etc. to your son /ward
Take prior permission through FAX to visit on birthdays between 1400hrs anf 1530 hrs at the School Museum. Don’t leave electronic items. Expensive articles and cash with son /ward
Pay fee in time

During vacation , insist on your ward /son
Reading Books
Speaking English
Dressing smartly (Wearing shoes and tucking in)

Don’t enter the dormitories . MI Room and other restricted areas without permission of the Administrative Officer/Vice Principal/Principal.
Studying regularly Don’t litter: Don’t throw plastic or other wrappers in and around the School Campus
Notice Board
Dear parent- Cadets are permitted to leave for Diwali vacation after 1430 hrs on 27 Oct 2018 and report to School on 18 Nov 2018 before 1700 hrs.  -Principal, SSA
Dear Parents- Visitors' Day for the month of September is on 16.09.18. You can meet your wards at Old Amar Saink School from 0900h to 1630h. Parents are not permitted to take wards out of campus. -Principal SSA